Advantages and disadvantages of drinking tea

Tea is a popular and readily available drink in our country. Almost all people drink tea. Today we will know the advantages and disadvantages of drinking tea. Tea has some benefits as well as some harmful aspects.

Advantages and disadvantages of drinking tea

Not to mention that not all teas are harmful to health. There are many types of tea, some of which are good for health.

To live a healthy life, we must be health conscious. First of all we need to know what kind of health benefits.

Benefits of drinking tea

First of all, you must drink tea at home all the time. It is better not to drink tea while sitting in a shop or a restaurant. Because our country has many small and big tea shops.

Store-made tea contains a variety of harmful substances that are very harmful to our health. So if you drink tea, you must make it at home.


Get rid of the habit of sitting in the shop and drinking tea from now on. Especially store-made milk tea is more harmful. Because milk stored in tin cans in stores has a bad effect on our health.

There are also many more harmful aspects that cannot be highlighted one by one. However, tea must be drunk for health benefits.

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Some types of tea are good for health, they are

01. Red tea

02. Green tea

03. Black tea

04. Olang tea


Drinking tea at different times has different effects on the body, such as drinking tea in the morning has more health benefits. But drinking tea in the afternoon, afternoon and night has different effects on the body. However, it is better to drink tea in the morning. However, not on an empty stomach, of course, after breakfast in the morning. As mentioned earlier, there are both advantages and disadvantages to drinking tea.

Then find out the benefits of drinking tea.

Reduces the risk of

heart attack and stroke The problems of heart attack and stroke in the human body are usually due to blood clots in the body due to cholesterol and platelets. However, regular drinking of tea can move the blood easily and keep the arteries of our body clean.

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Antioxidants are wanted In

our body, almost everyone knows the importance of antioxidants. HD oxidants help increase the body’s resistance to disease. And it easily protects us from many kinds of harm, including the problem of aging. Having a lot of antioxidants in tea, we can easily get rid of various physical problems.

Tea helps keep bones healthy

One study found that those who drank tea continuously for more than 10 years had stronger and healthier bones than those who did not. However, in this case, you must eat milk tea. And you should drink tea with pure cow’s milk, not tin cans or any other adulterated milk. We all know the reason for this, because pure cow’s milk contains a lot of calcium which is very beneficial for our bones.

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Tea reduces the risk of cancer

I have already said that tea has a lot of antioxidants, you are not just antioxidants, tea also contains polyphenols which help us to protect us from cancer risk. Especially drinking red tea easily reduces the risk of some types of cancer.

Disadvantages of drinkingdrinking

tea There are some benefits totea, but only to a certain extent. However, most people drink extra tea which is very harmful. However, drinking one cup and a small amount of tea a day does not cause any harm.

However, it is better to drink tea in the morning, because there are harmful aspects of drinking tea at other times of the day. Especially if you drink tea at night, sleep problems occur. Drinking tea in the afternoon spoils the appetite and there is a possibility of indigestion.

Drinking Excessive Tea Causes Sleep Problemsdrink

If youexcessive or excessive amounts of tea and do not fall asleep at night despite having no physical problems, it may be due to excessive tea drinking.

Because tea contains caffeine which interferes with sleep. Caffeine also affects the human body’s melatonin hormone, resulting in sleep disturbances. 

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prevents the absorption of nutrients

Excess caffeine in tea causes digestive problems, resulting in much less nutrient absorption. Tea also contains a substance called tannin which interferes with the absorption of iron in our food.

Therefore, tea should never be drunk before or after meals as it causes indigestion and reduces nutrient absorption. Therefore, tea should be drunk a few hours after meals or a few hours before.

Increases emotional instability in

those who have a habit or intoxication of drinking extra tea. Especially when they get a little break during busy times, they feel relieved by drinking tea. But drinking extra tea increases emotional anxiety, worry and stress.

Excess caffeine in tea increases physical and mental instability. If you want to avoid this kind of problem, you must avoid drinking too much tea.

If you want to drink tea alone, you can drink herbal tea like green tea. However, not at all in excess. In this case, you will be advised to drink green tea, because green tea has many benefits.

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Instability and heartburn problems are caused by

caffeine, the most harmful substance in tea. Caffeine causes acid and causes many problems in the stomach.

There is also bloating, heartburn and various physical disorders. Excessive tea consumption causes indigestion and loss of appetite.

Drinking extra tea

can cause headaches. Excess caffeine in tea can enter the body and cause headaches. Many people drink tea to get rid of headaches can be the opposite. However, it can have different effects on the type of headache and the individual.

Constipation causes problems and

most people think that drinking tea in the morning clears the stomach. Although it is a bit okay, drinking extra tea can cause constipation.

Theophylline in tea is responsible for causing constipation in the human body. And as a result of constipation, various physical problems occur. So be sure to refrain from drinking extra tea.

Risk of Kidney Dysfunction

A study has shown that drinking too much tea can lead to kidney dysfunction. Although there are some benefits to drinking tea, so if you drink tea for the purpose of benefit, it must be like the amount.

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followedincreases the risk of prostate cancer

. While discussing the benefits of tea above, I said that drinking tea reduces the risk of some types of cancer. However, a study found that those who drank more than one cup of tea a day or a few cups a day had a 50 percent increased risk of prostate cancer. Therefore, it is important to never drink too much tea.

causes fatigue in the body

Caffeine, which, has a detrimental effect on health, which is why caffeine has to be mentioned again and again. Excess caffeine entering our body can lead to a variety of problems such as sleep disturbances, fatigue and increased heart rate.



We have discussed above the advantages and disadvantages of drinking tea. Now it is up to you to decide whether you will drink tea or not. To stay physically healthy and reduce the risk of various diseases, you must refrain from drinking extra tea.

It is not strictly forbidden for you to drink tea, but there will be a request not to drink more than one cup of tea a day. Because we have already discussed the harmful aspects of drinking extra tea.


Stay well Stay healthy. There is a request to visit our website regularly to get such health tips.

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