How to fix WhatsApp Problems

How to fix WhatsApp Problems

How to fix WhatsApp Problems: Friends, when we use WhatsApp, we often have to face many kinds of problems. What’s App doesn’t work on phone for many reasons, from internet connection to phone storage. So if WhatsApp doesn’t work, you can easily try to fix it by checking some things. How to fix WhatsApp Problems, So let’s find out, detailed information on how to fix it if WhatsApp doesn’t work.

How to fix WhatsApp Problems

Friends close and open the app by the mentioned methods. If your WhatsApp does not work, you can close the app through Force Stop and try again. To force WhatsApp to close, you need to:

  • First you need to enter the phone’s settings app.
  • Scroll down and enter the Apps menu.
  • You have to open the list of all apps by tapping on See all apps or Manage apps option.
  • Go to WhatsApp option and then tap on Force Stop option.
  • After tapping on the Force Stop option, tap on the WhatsApp icon and enter the app to check if your WhatsApp is working properly.

Phone Restart

If your WhatsApp doesn’t work even after you follow the two steps mentioned above, then you need to restart your Android phone and try again. If the Android phone does not restart for a long time, then many apps do not want to work due to the accumulation of activity and cache data. So if WhatsApp does not work on your Android phone, you can see it by restarting the phone once. If you hold and hold the power button of the phone, you will see the option to restart the phone on the screen.

Internet Check

Many times due to internet problems but WhatsApp and any other app on the phone does not want to work, in case your phone has problems with WhatsApp or any other app using the internet to understand whether the net is actually working, such as: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Must see. If the mentioned apps are connected to the net, then you should understand that this is only a problem of WhatsApp. Again, if those apps do not work, then you have to understand the problem of the Internet.

WhatsApp Problems

Enter the phone’s settings and you will find a menu of Internet settings called Network and Internet / Connections etc. In addition, many Android phones have direct Wi-Fi and Mobile Internet settings available in the Settings app. If you have the option to use Background Data for WhatsApp off the phone, don’t forget to turn it on.

App Update

In many cases, the app does not work properly because the app is not updated. If the device is updated then the phone app is not updated then WhatsApp or any other app may not work. In many cases, WhatsApp’s activity may be blocked by the Android system due to some kind of security reasons. So to check if you have WhatsApp updated, you need to enter Google Play or App Store and search by typing What’s App to check if there is any update in the app. If there is any update of WhatsApp, you must provide it and then check if the problem has been solved.

Cache Data Clear

There is a computing method called caching to ensure that friends do not have to load the same data unnecessarily. And caching can slow down the app’s loading time, which can cause any other app, such as WhatsApp, to stop working. In that case you can clear the cache data of WhatsApp. To clear WhatsApp’s cache data:

You need to enter the settings of your phone.
App Scroll down to the Apps and then select the See all apps option.
@ Then you have to select WhatsApp
প্রবেশ If you enter the Storage option and select the Clear Cache option, the cache data will be cleared

Device Storage Check

WhatsApp may not work well if the phone does not have enough space. Enter the Storage section from the phone’s settings to make sure there is enough space in the phone. It is often seen that WhatsApp does not work properly due to lack of free space in the phone’s storage. So if WhatsApp doesn’t work, make sure the phone has enough storage.

What’s App Download 

If your WhatsApp does not work even after following all the above mentioned rules, then there may be a problem with WhatsApp server. Although Meta has not yet set up an official tool to check if the WhatsApp server is online, you can check if WhatsApp is down using various third party tools. If you want again, you can go to Twitter and search by typing WhatsApp and see if the problem is only with you, or if someone else has faced the same problem.

Note that if the WhatsApp WhatsApp account is not used for 120 consecutive days, it becomes deactivated automatically. After being closed for more than 120 days, the same WhatsApp can no longer be used. To use WhatsApp on the same SIM, you need to open a new WhatsApp account. However, there is no way to get the deactivated account back.

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