Not believing in someone is a sign of a mental illness

Simply put, disbelief is not a mental illness, but it has many benefits. This is a better thing nowadays. Because now there are more cheaters in our society than good people.

কাউকে বিশ্বাস না করা কি কোনো মানসিক রোগের লক্ষণ


In this case, you must consider the good and bad aspects before trusting someone so that you can easily avoid being cheated. But in this case, if you have a question in your mind that you used to trust people a lot but now you can’t trust people, what is the reason?

But for your part, I would say it happens in many cases so it is not a strange thing. Because our life is like an educational institution, we face different situations in life and learn different content.

And these topics are real knowledge, yes it is very important to have real knowledge in our life and real knowledge is useful in many areas of life. So it is very important for everyone to have real knowledge in our fight life.

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One of the reasons why you lose faith in people or can’t trust someone easily is that you have been deceived in life in one way or another. So you can be absolutely sure that it is not a mental illness.

The mentality of not being able to trust people easily, especially when a person is cheated or deceived by his loved ones. This is one of the reasons why such a mentality is created among those who cannot easily trust any human being.

When a person trusts his loved one a lot and if that person cheats, it is emotionally bad, to tell the truth. In such a situation it takes a long time for any human being to normalize his mental state.


However, in this case, it takes a different times for each person to live again in normal condition and to fix the mental condition.

But to put it simply, most people are heartbroken to face such a situation. But even after returning to normal, no one can be trusted easily.

Many people can’t easily trust people, especially when something bad happens to them. But there are also many other reasons why people can’t easily believe.

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There are many situations in people’s lives that can be social, family, or any other area of ​​life. So it is not uncommon for someone to lose faith in people or to have a mental illness.

But in the end, I must say that you are your own person, especially family members or someone who loves you unselfishly. You can trust someone like that if it’s your personal matter ‌ who you trust and who you don’t trust.

Yet I would say at least think for yourself once you believe them. Because a lot of things go with loyalty and also because of loyalty you have to be a victim of deception. So always think carefully before you trust someone.

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