Some of the best features of Samsung One UI

Dear Visitors, Thank you very much for visiting our website. In today’s post we will talk about the best features of Samsung phones. Ever since friends used One UI in Samsung phones, people’s perceptions of Samsung phones have started to change completely. Where earlier Samsung phones used to hang a lot, Samsung is launching the smoothest user interface offers along with numerous features for the benefit of One UI. Let us know in detail about some of the best features of Samsung One UI.


Samsung One UI has the facility to set the font of your choice. Again, font size and different font styles can be selected from the same settings menu. You can also download new fonts if you want. By searching directly from the phone’s settings.

You can find the Font size and style options and from there you can change the font of Samsung phone.

There is also the option to set accent color in Friends One UI. From the phone settings, you have to enter the Wallpaper and Themes option and by switching to the Themes tab, you can choose the color of your choice from a variety of accent colors under the title My Themes.

Quick Universal Search

Universal Search can also be used by tapping the magnifier icon on the top of the settings tile on the Samsung One UI phone’s Quick Settings panel. From here you can directly find apps, media files, contacts, messages and anything on the phone using this universal search feature. Google search can also be finished the use of direct search textual content.

Notification History

The Samsung One UI 3.0 version features the Notification History feature, which allows you to check switched off notifications.

To turn on the notification history you need to:

  • You need to enter the Notifications section from the phone settings.
  • Then enter the Advanced Settings option.
  • After entering the menu, you can turn on the notification history.
  • You will also find the option to turn on the notification bubble in the same menu.

Quick Settings

Numerous features of the phone can be accessed very quickly using the Samsung One UI’s Quick Settings panel i.e. the bar that has to be lowered after swiping down. With these quick settings, things like switching the phone’s SIM card or controlling the connected device can be done very easily.

Again, playback of paired devices and phones can be easily managed by using the device and media buttons. However, there is no such option to add to the Smart Home Dashboard One UI of Android 11.

Lock Screen Widget

Also one of the best features of Samsung One UI is that important information can be displayed using widgets on lock screen and always-on screen. Once you enter the Lock screen option from the phone’s settings, you will see the Widgets option, from which the lock screen or always-on display widget can be set. This feature allows you to set widgets for digital wellbeing, music, schedules, etc. on the lock screen or always on-display.

Hide Apps

Among the hidden apps features, apps can be hidden directly from the app drawer or home screen on the Samsung One UI.

Friends, if you want to keep an app private, you can hide the app from the app drawer or home screen. However, the app will be displayed in widgets search and universal search.

To hide the app from the home screen, you need to long press on the home screen and select Home Screen Settings. You can then hide any app you want using the Hide Apps option from the launcher settings.

Navigation Gestures

With the new One UI version, gesture navigation has now reached all the supported Samsung phones. For those who want to explore the features of Android Navigation Gesture, this feature can come in handy.

first enter the Display menu from your phone’s settings and select your favorite navigation gestures from the Navigation Bar option.

Status Bar Icons

Notch and cut-out displays have arrived on Samsung phones for several days now. At the same time, Samsung One UI has been added to facilitate the status bar space in this notched display.

If you want, you can limit the app icon in the status bar. If you want, you can hide the battery percentage again. You can use this feature by lowering the notification shade, clicking on the Triple Dot Menu button from Quick Settings and tapping on the Status Bar option.

Double Tap Gestures

Double tap the screen to slip or wake up in One UI. To double-tap the lock-screen lock or wake on Samsung phone, you will get the option to turn on the feature from Advanced Settings, and then from Motions and Gestures settings.

Dual Messenger

Most smartphone companies now offer multiple versions of the same social media app in their UI. This feature is known as Dual App, Second Space, Duplicate App etc. Samsung UI has this feature called Dual Messenger.

Multiple versions of WhatsApp, Skype or Snapchat can be used on the same Samsung phone using Samsung Dual Messenger. You can use this feature by entering the Advanced Features option from the settings.

Recycle Bin

There is no reason to worry if One UI accidentally deletes any photo or video gallery on a used Samsung phone. This is because deleted photos or videos can be easily returned using the Recycle Bin feature in One UI. Enter the phone’s gallery and tap on the triple-dot menu in the top right corner to find the Recycle Bin option.

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