Best features of Twitter

Some of the best features of Twitter that everyone should know

The best features of Twitter-Dear Visitors Friends, You are all familiar with the microblogging website Twitter. The popular microblogging website Twitter may seem simple, but like all other social media websites, it has many features. So friends, let’s find out about some of the best features of Twitter that we should all know.

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As soon as friends enter Twitter, the first thing that comes in the feed, we start seeing from there. But Twitter actually has two feeds – one containing follow-up tweets by all people and the other top tweets selected by the Twitter algorithm.

On the other hand, the top tweets are displayed on Twitter by default. After entering Twitter, you can see the sparkle icon in the top corner of the screen. If you tap on this icon, select “See latest tweets instead” and you will see the tweets of all the following people in chronological order.

Advanced Search

If you use Twitter regularly, then you must have used the search feature. However, this search tool is so powerful that it is possible to find anything very quickly using it. Using Twitter search, you can find tweets of a specific user, tweets with a specific keyword, tweets without a specific keyword, tweets from a specific place, etc.

If you want to find something specific on Twitter, you have to use Advanced Search. To access the Advanced Search feature, visit: The link will then be viewed in a search form, which can be used to search any content on Twitter.


The Friends Twitter Moments feature brings together similar posts related to a specific topic, event or any other way. The Twitter Moments feature can also be compared to Instagram Story Highlights.

The same thing can be done in one place using Twitter Moments. If you enter Twitter and go to More option from the menu, you will see Moments. Then you can create new moments by entering the option and clicking Create New.


Friends, only 260 characters can be used per tweet. However, if you want to describe a subject well, your 260 characters is not enough. Twitter threads come in handy when you need more than 260 characters to tell a story.

Basically, the celebration of multiple tweets of the same type is called Twitter threads. Threads can be created when creating tweets on Twitter. To post in the form of threads on Twitter you need to enter the tweet option.

After writing a tweet, you have to click on the plus (+) icon next to the Tweet button to add another tweet to the same thread. After posting, all the tweets in the thread will be displayed at once. Again, all tweets will be posted at the same time.


Twitter spaces are basically live audio conversations on Twitter. It’s basically called the audio version of Facebook or Instagram Live. Anyone can host spaces on Twitter and anyone can join the space as a listener.

The feature can only be hosted on mobile in Twitter spaces. However, to listen to the space can be joined from any device such as mobile or desktop. When someone hosts a Twitter space, that space appears in the top feed of the mobile app. You can join any space as a listener or speaker.

In addition, friends can provide reactions to live conversations through emojis. You can also request to become a speaker by joining as a listener again. In addition, the space host will be able to pin tweets to any hosted space. The things that the Twitter space creator can control are: select speakers, mute speakers, remove someone from space, send invitations to join space via message, and so on.

Pinned tweets

Basically, just like a Facebook page, any post can be pinned on a Twitter profile. The pinned post will appear at the top of your profile. You can use the pinned tweet feature to highlight your best tweets in front of your followers or to inform them about something important.

Only self-posted tweets can be pinned. To pin a tweet, you have to select “Pin to your profile” from the tweet option. Then click on the Pin option to confirm the pinning of the tweet.


Lists one of Twitter’s great features. If you use Twitter regularly, it is natural that you will follow many active Twitter accounts. Friends, the problem now is that the desired tweets may get lost in the crowd of numerous tweets posted at the same time.

If there are some accounts whose tweets you do not want to miss, then you can bring them together through the tweet lists feature of those Twitter accounts. The Lists feature can be accessed from the Twitter sidebar. The new Twitter list can then be created by clicking on the plus note icon at the top.


Any user can be added to the Twitter list. The best features of Twitter lists can be compared to many Facebook groups. However, instead of the specific posts made by the user, all the posts are displayed in the feed, in addition to the list created by others and you can follow if you want.

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