The health benefits and nutritional value of Lau

Nutritional value of Lau: The gourd is a very well-known winter vegetable. Although almost all seasonal benefits are available in Bangladesh at present, profit is a winter vegetable. The gourd is one of the favorite winter vegetables for the people of Bangladesh.

লাউয়ের স্বাস্থ্য উপকারিতা এবং পুষ্টি গুনাগুন


However, most of the people who eat pumpkins, in general, do not know the health benefits and nutritional value of pumpkins.

The nutritional value of lau

Pumpkin contains Vitamin A which is good for our eyes but I hope almost all of you know how much Vitamin A is necessary for our body. Pumpkin also contains vitamin B complex and vitamin C. Pumpkin also contains omega 6 fatty acids and folic acid. And these are very beneficial elements for our body.
Lau also contains a variety of nutrients for the body, including meat, which helps keep our body healthy and lead a beautiful life. To protect our physical and mental health, we have to eat some vegetables every day. In this case, a pumpkin is a vegetable that is beneficial for our physical and mental health.

The health benefits of laurel

Almost all of us know that pumpkin has many nutritional properties, but this time we did not know the health benefits of pumpkin.

01. Our skin becomes rough in winter but the main reason is moisture and water distance from our body in winter. However, by playing pumpkin regularly, the moisture of our skin stays right and the skin does not become rough easily. But the best thing is that gourd is a winter vegetable although I mentioned it earlier.

02. 98% of water is pumpkin so there is a lot of water in the pumpkin so playing pumpkin easily balances the water balance in our body and fills the water deficiency.

03. Gourds help to increase the function of the kidneys and regular consumption of gourds helps to prevent dehydration caused by diabetes.

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04. Regular consumption of pumpkins helps in controlling the problem of high blood pressure. In this case, a pumpkin is a very useful vegetable for those who have high blood pressure.

05. Pumpkin helps in controlling body temperature so those who have body temperature problems must eat pumpkin.

07. Many people do not sleep at night, but for those who do not sleep at night, gourd is a very effective vegetable. So if you have trouble sleeping at night, you can eat pumpkin.

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