The New way to Earn Money on YouTube is Super Thanks

Earn Money on YouTube: YouTube has launched the “Super Thanks” feature for all eligible creators who are involved in the YouTube Partner Program. An announcement was made to extend this recently released feature. This feature allows viewers to tip video creators.

As a result of this feature of YouTube, millions of creators from 6 countries are going to get access to this new monetization. The AU feature must have been usable for some random creators before extending access to this feature. But from now on, all eligible creators will be able to turn on the “Super Thanks” feature using YouTube Studio.

Using the Super Thanks feature, viewers can now pay up to four fixed amounts as a tip for creators’ videos as part of a compliment, ranging from 2 to 50. also be able to customize their Super Thanks comments with this feature, where previously the message of Super Thanks was only “Thanks” by default. There will be a meaningful relationship between the viewer and the creator through the convenience of customizing the Super Thanks message.

Earn Money on YouTube

Now, after sending a Super Thanks to a viewer friend, you will see animated GIF in the channel’s video and you can send comments by highlighting Super Thanks. Again, a creator can give a heart or like reaction to the comment of this super thanks through this feature.

YouTube creators help me learn and acquire something new – maybe baking at Pandemic or fixing my bike last week. How about a special thank you to your favorite creator or a compliment to a specific video that has taught or helped you learn something new? Friends, from now on you will get this facility through Super Thanks. ” – Samantha Stevens, Product Manager, Paid Digital Goods, YouTube, said in a statement.

The Super Thanks feature is one of the “Paid Digital Good” features of YouTube. Basically, the ways in which the fans can pay the creators directly are considered to be included in this platform. There is also the Super Chat Monetization feature, which allows creators to earn money from livestream. There’s also a feature called Super Stickers to show support for and connect with your favorite creators.

Super Thanks

Twitch’s monetization features are much improved, allowing other video platforms to make direct payments to creators like Twitch. Thanks to this super thanks feature, YouTube is now considered to be a very unique platform from Twitch. In addition to the livestream, this feature can be used to give money or gifts in appreciation of the work of creators in separate videos, which is a great addition.

Even now on Instagram, payments can be sent to the friends of the creators during the livestream through the feature. However, there is no payment option in some simple posts or reels videos on Instagram. Interestingly, Tumblr has a monetization feature that allows users to make one-time payments to posts.

According to YouTube, they want to diversify the source of revenue of the creators by providing new source of income. This means that more new types of monetization tools are likely to appear on YouTube in the future.

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