The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (sometimes initialed as DCC, and officially nicknamed "America's Sweethearts") are the National Football League cheerleading.

During a game between the Cowboys and the Atlanta Falcons in the Cotton Bowl during the 1967 season, a short-skirted, well-endowed stripper.

Each hand carries cotton candy. He became an instant public sensation in Dallas, also attracting the attention of Cowboys general manager Tex Schramm.

The first major changes were creating an all-female squad and changing the uniforms and style of cheerleading routines to be primarily dance.

The ten local high school cheerleaders selected for the 1970 season were also involved in completely redesigning the uniforms.

In 1971, eligibility rules were changed to allow not only local female cheerleaders to compete for a spot on the squad, but also high school drill team officers.

On January 13, 1980, a sequel to the original TV movie, The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders II, aired. The cheerleaders have since made many other TV appearances.

DCC has toured all over the United States (on and off the field) as well as overseas. The tour included regular appearances on the United Service Organizations (USO) tour.

DCC organized a ceremony to mark the opening of the second match of the 1994 FIFA World Cup between Spain and South Korea.

Traditionally, each episode would include segments of "boot camp candidates" and "veteran candidates" dancing to music and learning new choreography.