Highlights: Union Berlin 2-0 Borussia Dortmund in Bundesliga 2022-2023

The Union Berlin striker is one of the most important figures for the team, he wants to continue his development and show that he is one of the best in his position.

His main aim is to establish himself as an important part of the Union Berlin München forward and continue to show the excellent level of last season.

Union Berlin started the new season in the Bundesliga after finishing the previous one in fifth place and qualified for the Europa League.

Bringing in players like Jordan, Diogo, Leite Modell and Jamie Lewelling, the team has stepped up to compete in all competitions.

The Capitalins are first in the Bundesliga with 20 points after 6 wins, two draws and a bone, and they are 4 points clear of Bayern.

The Capitalinos will be hoping for a positive result against Dortmund to keep their distance in the table and hope Bayern don't come within two points of them.

Borussia Dortmund begin a new phase in the Bundesliga with signs of fighting back against Bayern Munich. On this occasion BVB Sebastian Heller.