Trader Joe's has restocked a delicious pumpkin item that's a perfect fall appetizer.

Trader Joe's just brought back its mini spicy pumpkin issue, a crowd favorite that's seasonally appropriate, but more savory than sweet.

The problem is that the fried pastry is filled with aromatic ingredients, usually potatoes, peas and onions, and spices.

Although they are commonly associated with Indian cuisine, samosas originated in Central Asia in the 11th century, according to the BBC.

From there, immigrants followed the great trade routes from Europe to Asia, bringing samosas to India.

Where they have evolved over the centuries to become the common foods we know and love today.

a medley of spices including garam masala cumin coriander, chili powder and fennel seeds. You'll see many Trader Joe's fans hitting the shelves as they snag boxes.

In an Instagram post by @traderjoelist, commenters weigh in on how they like to eat samosas.

Mini Spiced Pumpkin Samosas are a delicious fall treat and give the pumpkin spice trend a delightful refresh.