He seven cheerleaders chosen from a set of 100 hopefuls—similarly to O’Brien, Tuque, and Baker, the pom-pom-waving trailblazers.

Luque were on the drill group at MacArthur excessive faculty in Irving and had danced for the talent part of the miss Dallas and leave.

Apache Belle dancers at Tyler Junior college. Baker became unsuccessful the 3 times she tried out for cheerleader at Lincoln high in Dallas.

I wore black boots and had a cap pistol that I pointed at the judges.” Lee danced to “put on a glad Face.” Baker did a ordinary.

They were paid $15 a sport. Practices have been  or greater times a week (Luque, a scholar at Southwest Texas kingdom university.

Baker is the only person who admits being examined on that closing rule. “before a game, one of the system boys knocked.

The Cowboys Cheerleaders transcended pom-poms and became furniture of popular way of life. There have been books.

There were also much less ideal forms of reputation, together with the XXX-rated Debbie Does Dallas collection.

The others have found life after the ‘Boys to be pretty gratifying. O’Brien, who performed on the U.S. women’s soccer group for five years.

Lee, who went directly to be the dean of girls at Tyler Junior college and the director of the Apache Belles, runs a video production.