What kind of food should be eaten in Iftar to stay healthy

Iftar to stay healthy: In the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims almost all fast, and after fasting all day, it is time for Iftar in the evening. However, if we fast all day and break our fast in the evening, we must eat food that is good for our health.
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Iftar to stay healthy

What is the exception, especially in the case of our Bengalis, is that they eat something in Iftar that should not be eaten after fasting all day. As a result, they have various physical problems and find it difficult to fast the next day or many cannot.

That is why we have the opportunity to eat especially at night so we should eat some nutritious and balanced food which helps us to get energy and improve the body. In this case, it is necessary to avoid certain foods that are harmful to our health, which causes various problems including indigestion and fatigue.

Foods that are not eaten in Iftar

Most of the people in our country eat more fried national food in Iftar, i.e. most people eat televaja fast food. However, such oil-fried foods and foods made using a variety of spices increase our fatigue and do not have many health benefits.

Many people eat fried food from hotels and restaurants outside for Iftar which is no less than fast food. Eating such food can make it difficult to fast again the next day, especially if you are thirsty for extra water and you may feel various discomforts. Moreover, if you are thirsty for extra water, it becomes very difficult to fast in the current summer.

So avoid such foods whether it is made at home or in a restaurant outside, these foods are delicious to eat but not good for health.

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Which foods to eat more in

Iftar Natural foods should be eaten in Iftar, especially fruits will help to relieve your fatigue and create new energy. However, when eating fruit, make sure that the fruit is completely natural, that is, I mean the kind of spray that is sprayed from the market on apples, grapes, and market bananas so that it does not stick to the fruit.

Be sure to eat native fruits and try to disinfect them fresh, this will meet your body’s nutritional needs as well as give you the strength to fast anew. If you eat such nutritious food including banana, guava, ripe mango, jackfruit, litchi, lemon then you can notice the change in the body.

Try to eat more fruits with vitamin C, your body will get rid of fatigue and you will be much fresher and healthier from the inside. You can eat any native fruit that kind of fruit is available in that season. Iftar to stay healthy

Also, many people think that eating fish and meat may relieve fatigue and make them feel much healthier, but if fish and meat are made with extra oil and spices, it may not be good for the body. However, to meet the demand for protein, you must eat fish and meat, but do not eat limited amounts and extra oil spices.

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must try to eat vegetables eating green vegetables will help keep your body healthy and disease-free. There are some vegetables in our country that have much more protein and nutrients than fish meat so are sure to include vegetables in your diet.

Also, fasting throughout the day causes dehydration in our body, so you must drink enough water at night to fill your body’s dehydration and prepare yourself for fasting the next day.

Lastly, try to go to bed early because you have to get up at night to eat there, so if you sleep late, you may have trouble getting up to eat sehri. Moreover, in order to stay sick and fast in a healthy way throughout the day, one must sleep properly.


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