Why the number of mental patients is increasing nowadays

In fact, almost all of us are mentally ill or suffer from minor mental problems. But they are basically identified as mentally ill or mentally ill, who are not suffering from minor mental problems like normal people but are suffering from a little more mental problems than them.

But more importantly, the number of people with mental health problems has increased several times over the past few years. In the modern age, there are many reasons for suffering from various mental problems. But now the most mental problems are more common among young people.

However, one of the many reasons is the smartphone. Yes, you have heard that smartphones and laptops affect health. But I did not say anywhere here that smartphones or laptops are harmful to us.

What I mean is that if used properly, they will definitely help us move forward in the modern age and make our work easier. But in this case, its misuse or overuse can lead to various problems.

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Nowadays, especially young people are suffering from various mental problems due to excessive use of the internet by smartphone or laptop. Today’s young people are all connected to social media.

So far not enough, there is also a variety of content-tick, like, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, including a variety of media. While these are not bad things to use, they should be used sparingly.

But in this case, young people do the exact opposite, using smartphones all day and late into the night. Just as excessive smartphone and internet use is detrimental to health, it is also detrimental to mental health.

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Excessive use of social media over time is causing most young people to become emotional. As a result of being connected through social media for a long time, the mind and brain only focus on the internet of smartphones.

As a result, they are slowly losing their normal life system and mental health and at one time becoming mentally ill which they do not even realize. Besides, the light of the phone screen is causing many kinds of damage to the eyes and skin. And more time at night is causing more damage, no matter how much dark mode you use.

As a result, various physical problems are appearing in the human body and various problems are affecting mental health due to physical problems. As a result, it is easy to say that it does not take long to become mentally ill as a result of such an adverse effect on mental health.

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Gaming is more harmful than using social media physically and mentally. Game lovers don’t get angry again, I’m not complaining about playing games here. You can of course play games for fun.

However, it is difficult to say how harmful it is to play games for extra time. Excessive time playing games on the computer or smartphone can have serious detrimental effects on the brain and mental health. Which is responsible for making a game addict mentally ill very quickly.

This is why the use of computers and smartphones should not be limited to work and entertainment. However, if you are mentally ill and live a different week in a natural environment with the exception of electronic devices, you will understand the difference.

Once you’re back to normal, you’ll realize how harmful the time spent with your electronics devices was, mentally and physically. But now that you are addicted to the world of smartphones and the Internet, then everything will seem normal to you.

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but there are many more reasons for the rapid increase in the number of mental patients. However, in this case, in the current era, smartphone internet, and gaming are some of the reasons for making normal people mentally ill.

Besides, it is better not to talk about those who make tick videos. Again, in this case, I am not talking about all the ticks. You may also see more or less tick ticks, so I hope you understand which tickers are mentally ill and who are healthy.

Different people may have different reasons for being mentally ill, but the above are just a few of the reasons why the rate of mental illness is increasing.

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